Domain expiration notification scam
Posted by Yuri Arabadji on 03 October 2016 05:07 AM

We're receiving multiple reports from customers that are getting domain expiration notifications from unknown sources claiming the domain will be irretrievably lost if they don't proceed with "renewal." The only thing you should know about these messages is that they are a scam trying to lure you into "subscribing" for some form of SEO/marketing/optimization services. 

Another type of message you might receive are those stating someone has registered a similar domain name to yours and the "company" is trying to "protect" you from being taken over at another jurisdiction (e.g., in China, Singapore, etc). These are perfect example of scams. 

If you receive emails like this, DO NOT click any of the links. Instead, just go to, and on the site, click on links until you reach your destination. If you are worried about domain expiration, check the "Domains" section on for further information. You can also contact us at any time through the Support section of And if all else fails, we will send 3 (three) domain nearing expiration messages with our email address on them before expiration occurs.

There's only one exception to the rule, which would be so-called "RAA Verification" emails. These will be sent only on: "New Domain name registration" OR "The Registrant contact information is updated." You will need to click on link, then close the browser window.

Stay safe!

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