Latest Updates DNS issues
Posted by David McKendrick on 12 October 2023 08:51 AM

Howdy folks — during some spring cleaning & rearranging of our own internal stuff, we inadvertently nuked's DNS. It's been corrected/restored, however it would impact our client area, and possibly some mail features. Flush your computer's dns cache if you continue to experience issues beyond ~15 minutes:

Note that you can access all email by appending /webmail on the end of your url. No email has been

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Phasing out Paypal
Posted by David McKendrick on 24 April 2023 09:14 PM

In response to poor support from Paypal over many years, we're phasing out payments with them — apologies for any inconvenience. 
Those of you wielding paypal should have received an email by now.

To update your credit card & set it to the default payment method,

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Fused News: We moved and more...
Posted by David McKendrick on 06 March 2023 01:43 PM

A few updates for the new year:

* We moved in mid-2022: We're now in Southern California, where there are taco trucks on every corner — breakfast burritos for all!
* Welcome to Fused: We acquired a few more companies in 2022 including Chameleon Hosting
* We're preparing to bring on some fresh faces on the team to assist with support & WordPress.
* We've acquired some fresh AMD EPYC hardware to give your site's performance a good boost. 

Chat soon — and looking forward to serving you as always.


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