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PHP 7.4 is now available
Posted by Yuri Arabadji on 29 June 2020 07:26 AM

PHP 7.4, which is the latest stable version, is now available on our servers.

Please, follow follow this guide on choosing the right version for your site or just open a support ticket.

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Never trust your email (or anything on Internet)
Posted by Yuri Arabadji on 01 October 2019 03:41 PM

  In modern times, the rule of thumb when dealing with email messages is: DON'T CLICK on any links. Yeah, correct, don't click inside, on and around fancy looking HTML CSS-sprinkled emails, don't click on links inside plain text messages. Don't trust anyone unless you're entirely sure the other party was properly verified and identified.

  You might think that email from a colleague requesting you to send a money transfer or asking to follow the link to reset the password, or asking for financially sensitive information is quite legitimate mainly

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Updating your PHP version
Posted by David McKendrick on 19 September 2019 11:40 PM

WordPress has recently moved towards making the minimum version of their supported PHP 7.x — updating PHP on Fused couldn't prove easier. In addition to the performance benefits (upwards of 250%), there's the advantage of being on a supported PHP version from a security standpoint.

If you haven't taken the time to upgrade yet, there's no greater time than now.

Here's a document on upgrading PHP to 7.2 (or, at the very minimum, 7.1). 7.3 will be available shortly, and we'll send out an email blast when it's ready to go.

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