Knowledgebase : Billing

To cancel a domain's auto-renewal:

  1. Login to our client area
  2. On the "Domains" menu, select "My Domains"
  3. On the list of domains, select "Manage Domain" next to the particular domain you wish to disable renewal for
  4. Select the "Auto Renew" tab and disable renewal on the next page.

If you have any questions contact our support team at or by requesting a phone call.


In order to cancel a PayPal subscription:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account at
  2. Click the My Account tab.
  3. Click the History subtab.
  4. Make sure you are viewing All Activity.
  5. Set the date range to start at a time before your subscription was created, and then click the Show button.
  6. Click the Subscriptions link.
  7. Click Details next to the subscription.
  8. Click Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page.

Due to any price increases, the active PayPal subscription may not cover 100% of the due funds. We recommend swapping to a credit card, however if you'd prefer to continue paying via PayPal:


  1. Cancel the PayPal subscription.
  2. Manually pay the outstanding amount beneath "Pay Now" within our Client area.
  3. When the next invoice gets generated, create a new subscription via our billing system under "My Invoices" beneath the invoice that is due.

To add a credit card and simplify things:

  1. To add a credit card number, login to the Client area, then click on "Hello, [yourname]" and drag down to Manage Credit Card.
  2. Afterwards, email us and we'll swap all of your services over to that credit card. 

Cancel a PayPal subscription:

Please see: How do I cancel a PayPal subscription?

Here's a list of frequently asked questions with regards to how Fused billing works. Your answer will likely be here!

What payment methods do you support?

We accept credit card, PayPal & check based payments. For larger payments (above $1,000 USD), we'll accept bank transfers by request.

What's your money back guarantee entail?

By default, we'll refund 100% of a web hosting order within 90 days if you're unsatisfied for any reason. Beyond that, we'll refund any unused funds. For example, if you prepay for a year in advance & only use 6 months worth of service, we'll refund the remaining 6 months. Simple! Our de facto style of operations is "We don't want to keep your money for any reason unless you're actively using our services."

There's an exception, however, for certain types of services like SSL certificates & domain names. In those cases, no refunds are available whatsoever. These types of services are direct costs to us, and we have no way of refunding them outside of the first 24 hours of services.

How quickly are accounts activated?

Web hosting accounts are generally activated within 10 minutes of your order unless they require manual intervention. Domain names are generally instant, though some foreign TLDs often require some manual intervention which delay them slightly.

Do you have late fees?

We do not have any late fees associated with late payment. However, accounts are suspended if an invoice is overdue (see below).

If I'm late paying, at what point will my account be suspended or interrupted?

For web hosting and related services, if you're late in paying, first & foremost -- reach out to us so we can prevent your account from suspending. Web hosting accounts are automatically suspended 14 days after an invoice is due. Additional services attached to a web hosting account like SSL certificates are impacted immediately upon the renewal date if an invoice isn't paid. Often, they'll expire within 24 hours of the due date.

Domain names are the same, in that they too will go offline the day of expiration impacting both your web hosting & email services (amongst others). Our registrar will automatically allow a 30 day period where domain names can be renewed without any penalties besides the domain being offline. After that 30 day period, there's a $199 reactivation fee that we cannot make exceptions for, as it's direct from our registrar.

I'm unable to pay by the due date, what should I do?

If you're unable to pay by the due date in order to ensure your service isn't cancelled you must contact us at least 24 hours ahead of your due date via phone or to let us know you'll be unable to make payment in time. In most cases exceptions can be made and the account will remain unsuspended until you're able to pay.

Please note that in some cases (e.g. multiple overdue invoices) we will be unable to avoid suspension. Paying on-time is important as we have a number of servers costing thousands a month to keep online! 

What currencies do you support?

We currently support USD & CAD. Due to CAD exchange rates, only Canadian based clients can pay in that currency. All others pay in USD by default. We'll be adding additional currencies as we expand our operations.


To cancel an account that you currently have with Fused, make sure you've moved your account/dns away from Fused first, and then perform the following:

  1. Login to our client area at
  2. Navigate to Services > My Services.
  3. Select the account you wish to cancel using the "Active" link on the far right. Technically the whole row is selectable.
  4. On the left-hand side, select "Request Cancellation."
  5. Choose whether you want it to be immediate (instantly) or at the end of the billing term.

We'll then cancel the account as desired.

Neither option results in any additional billing costs, just note that immediate is instant & data loss can occur if you haven't backed up or moved your data.

Adding users as a contact/sub-account within our client area assures us that they're submitting legitimate requests. This helps prevent us from having to second guess your teammates, webmasters, support personnel or anyone else that is legitimately allowed to submit requests on your behalf or get copied on communications from us.

The difference between a contact & a sub-account is that the former will not be able to login to the client area on your behalf using their own details, disallowing them from ordering new services & performing various functions. 

Adding a new contact/Sub-account

  1. Simply login to our client area at
  2. Navigating to "Update your details > contacts/sub-accounts"
  3. There, you can plugin a new contact & check off the particular emails they'll be carbon-copied on
  4. Save changes to then add them as a contact

Removing a contact/Sub-account

  1. Navigate to "Update your details > contacts/sub-accounts" within our client area
  2. Select the contact you wish to remove in the dropdown list, and hit "go" (Note: they may already be selected, you can skip the "go" part if so)
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Delete contact"





Changing your default payment method is quick & relatively pain free.

  1. First, login to our Client Area
  2. Next navigate to "Update your details" 
  3. Once there, there's a dropdown titled "Payment Method" 
  4. Change that to your preferred payment method and voila!

All subsequent invoices generated will be under that new payment method.