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What is Karma?
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Fused has recently implemented a spam control system partially based on the concept of karma: Good deeds are rewarded, while bad deeds are punished.

Whenever someone interacts with our mail system, either sending to or from, the current karma score for the sender's IP address is noted. 

If the spam fighting checks come back clean, the karma for that IP address is increased. However, if the checks come back negative, karma for that IP address is reduced. How much the karma score is affected depends on the results of the spam checks and the current karma score.

The same process happens when Fused customers send mail, but with a big karma boost just by properly authenticating with the mail server.

With the karma system, no single email is going to cause email to be blocked. The current karma score for the IP address is the the biggest factor. 

So how can Fused customers maximize their karma?

  • ALL email accounts must have SMTP Authentication enabled
  • Send email from the same address used to SMTP Authenticate (Don't send mail as with's username and password)
  • Don't send spam!

If you have any other questions, we are ready to help! There is a good chance we will ask you for your IP address, so you might want to visit and make note of the result first.

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