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The Sub Domain Maintenance menu allows you to add subdomains to your account. This feature is very useful as people can access subdirectories in your site through a simpler domain name than using your domain name and directory names.

For Example: Instead of accessing, they can access if you set up a subdomain pointing to the forums directory. 
Here are the steps:

  1. To access the Sub Domain Maintenance menu, click on the word "Subdomains" on the main screen of your cPanel interface
  2. Enter the prefix for the subdomain in the first blank field, and click "Add." If the subdomain was added successfully, the following will appear (except will be the prefix you are using, and your domain): SubDomain Adder The subdomain, has been added.
  3. Click on "Go Back"
  4. To make the subdomain work, select it from the drop box next to "Setup Redirection" and click on "Setup Redirection"
  5. Enter the URL which you wish the subdomain to display in the blank field, and click on "Save"

If the subdomain was redirected properly, the following will appear (except will be your subdomain, and will be the URL you have selected your subdomain to display):

SubDomain Redirection is currently being redirected to  

Troubleshooting: Make sure the file and directories that you have the subdomain displaying exist.

You can utilize this same section of cPanel to add, remove and redirect subdomains

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