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Reducing spam
Posted by David, Last modified by Ashley L on 21 November 2019 05:49 PM


We all adore hate it and ridding of it is my lifelong goal. To reduce the amount of spam you receive on Fused Network e-mail accounts, please follow the instructions below:

The first step you'll need to perform is actually enabling SpamAssassin. To do so, login to your cPanel and perform the following:

  1. Click "SpamAssassin"
  2. Select "Enable SpamAssassin"

Now onto step two after going back to the cPanel frontpage:

  1. Select "Account level filtering"
  2. Select "Create new filter"
  3. Change the "From" dropdown to "Spam Status"
  4. Change the "Equals" dropdown to "Contains"
  5. Insert the word "Yes" (Note the capitalized Y) in the field available
  6. Select "Create"

All done! Nearly 90% of your spam will now be filtered out.

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