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Mac OSX / iPhone Mail client configuration
Posted by Yuri Arabadji, Last modified by Yuri Arabadji on 09 September 2020 12:00 PM

Here are proper email settings for Mac OSX Mail built-in application.

Older devices:

SMTP - older Mac OSX:

IMAP settings for older OSX:

Newer devices:

IMAP settings for newer OSX:

If you've got an iPhone, ensure Fetch Interval is set to something sane, not to "Every one minute":

 macmail-idle.png (411.86 KB)
 smtp-main.png (75.72 KB)
 smtp-adv.png (80.79 KB)
 imap-main.png (80.19 KB)
 imap-adv-latest.png (100.06 KB)
 imap-adv-oldmac.png (85.14 KB)
 iphone-settings.png (212.41 KB)
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