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Fused company phone numbers and associated identifiers
Posted by Yuri Arabadji, Last modified by Ashley L on 22 November 2019 05:14 PM

Here is the list of phone numbers and identifiers we use when communicating with clients and external world.

All other identifiers should be deemed as non-authoritative and should not be trusted.

Phone numbers
Please note that Fused does not have any public phone numbers to call due to the sheer amount of spam calls we receive, we do however have a great system to request phone calls from us — click here to request a call.

Number in E.164 format The same, in different formats Description
18445610777 +18445610777
(844) 561-0777
(844) 561-07-77
(844) 561.07.77

Outbound SMS notifications regarding such issues as:

  • Bulk mail authorization requests (bi-directional)
  • General communication outbound gateway

(423) 436-1415

Outbound office calls from our team from callback requests.

Please note that we will NEVER ask for your passwords over phone. 

Email addresses

Email address Description

This address is used by the following components:

  •  Helpdesk
    • Technical issues (tech support) 
    • Billing issues (sales)
  • Clients area
  • Domain renewals / expiration notifications
  • SSL certificates expiration notifications
  • Bulk mail notification requests
  • Antivirus scan results
  • PHP deprecated functions notifications
  • Resource overusage alerts


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