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You can use email forwarders to send all email messages that are sent to an account to another account. If you have multiple email accounts, you can use forwarders to send all your mail to one place so you do not have to login to multiple email accounts to check your mail.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Forwarders to access the Forwarding Maintenance menu.
  2. To add a forwarder, click on Add Forwarder.
  3. Put the name of the email address you wish to forward from in the first blank field. For example: for, put name in the first blank field.
  4. Place the email address you wish the email to be forwarded to in the blank field.
  5. Click on Add Forwarder to add the forwarder. 

NOTE: If the forwarder was added successfully, the following will appear (except and will be the email addresses you have enter in the blank fields) :


All email sent to will now be redirected to

 Troubleshooting: Make sure you have spelled both email addresses correctly when adding forwarders.

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