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Adjust PayPal subscription due to a price increase
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Due to any price increases, the active PayPal subscription may not cover 100% of the due funds. We recommend swapping to a credit card, however if you'd prefer to continue paying via PayPal:


  1. Cancel the PayPal subscription.
  2. Manually pay the outstanding amount beneath "Pay Now" within our Client area.
  3. When the next invoice gets generated, create a new subscription via our billing system under "My Invoices" beneath the invoice that is due.

To add a credit card and simplify things:

  1. To add a credit card number, login to the Client area, then click on "Hello, [yourname]" and drag down to Manage Credit Card.
  2. Afterwards, email us and we'll swap all of your services over to that credit card. 

Cancel a PayPal subscription:

Please see: How do I cancel a PayPal subscription?

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