Additional addon domains
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Addon domains are additional domain names that you host on your account. Each addon domain has the ability to have it's own separate mail and data.

The addon domain section within cPanel allows users to manage, add, and remove addon domains.

Please note that an addon domains nameservers will not be available until after you've added it to an account. Immediately after adding it, check your cPanel beneath "View Cloud Nameservers" for the nameservers to point the domain to. Each domain pointed at fused has a unique set of four nameservers. 

To add an addon domain: 

You must first have an addon domain slot available. To check if you do, login to cPanel and go to the menu information on the left. You will see an "addon domain" entry with the number of available slots. If the number is maxed out, you will need to contact support to purchase additional addon domain slots. Addon domains are available at Fused for $12 per year

Once inside the addon domain section there are three available fields, below will explain each one:

  • The "domain" field is the location where you enter the addon domain name. Please enter it without https://www.
  • The "folder" field allows you to specify which folder the addon domain will point to. The folder will be one level below your public_html folder, e.g. public_html/foldername. Please note that only a singular word can be used in this field and it is case-sensitive.
  • The "password" field allows you to create a password which you can later utilize to connect via FTP directly to the addon domain. In most cases, your primary cPanel username and password are better used.

Once all three fields are filled, select "add domain" and it will addon. Shortly after adding, the domain will function.

Please contact support if you have any further questions regarding addon domains.

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