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Data breach of client area
Posted by Yuri Arabadji on 20 February 2024 10:52 AM

We have become aware of a data breach affecting our client area system.

The following information was leaked from that area:

  • Customer information, including email, name, address, phone number.
    • Including any sub-accounts and sub-users
    • Security sensitive information like security questions, in plain text.
      • Encrypted (hashed) passwords, requiring significant investment of time and money to get cracked, with assumption of being safe for at least coming year.
  • List of products and services and their

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SSLv3 legacy support removed
Posted by Yuri Arabadji on 30 January 2024 10:17 AM

We have removed SSLv3 support from our mail proxy server during a major software update. It's been kept as long as possible, but 10 years after inherent protocol flaws have been discovered, the time has come to let it go.

Mail clients trying to use legacy protocol will be unable to connect. The only solution is to upgrade the device (either firmware or hardware) ensuring it supports TLSv1.2 as minimum.

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Phasing out Paypal
Posted by David McKendrick on 24 April 2023 09:14 PM

In response to poor support from Paypal over many years, we're phasing out payments with them — apologies for any inconvenience. 
Those of you wielding paypal should have received an email by now.

To update your credit card & set it to the default payment method,

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