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Holiday Hours: Summer '16
Posted by David McKendrick on 29 June 2016 09:41 AM

Good morning!

Canada day & Independence day beckon us to the woods for some hiking & camping. 

We'll all be enjoying some light vacations from today through & July 5th. During this time, support response times will average 1-2 hours, vs. our normal instant response times. If an emergency arises, we heavily recommend using our emergency ticket status which will alert our team to your ticket — we'll all be internet accessible, but just not staring at a screen for our normal shifts.

Enjoy your holidays as well & see you on the other side! :)




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Holiday Support Hours
Posted by David McKendrick on 21 December 2015 01:46 PM

Hopefully you're already easing into the holiday season.

We're about to do the same and give our teammates some refreshing time off to spend with their families. We'll be manning the helpdesks sporadically from the 24th through 27th.

We hope you're also taking advantage of the slower pace & take some time off as well, but if you're not, you can still expect response times to remain prompt, just not instant.

If you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, please ensure you set the ticket priority to emergency. Doing so will alert our teammates via SMS (particularly David) and guarantee nigh instant response.

If you have any questions let us know sooner than later so we can attend to it, thanks!


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3% discount on paypal & mail in payments
Posted by David McKendrick on 28 July 2015 10:40 AM

We're offering a 3% discount on paypal & mail in payments as of last week to help us both save some extra funds :)

To take advantage of the offer you'll likely need to change your default payment method:

Changing your default payment method is quick & relatively pain free.

  1. First, login to our client area at
  2. Next navigate to 'Update your details'. 
  3. Once there, there's a dropdown titled 'Payment Method'. 
  4. Change that to your preferred payment method & voila!

All subsequent invoices generated will be under that new payment method & should include a discount if you've selected mail in or paypal based payments.

Get in touch if you have any questions, we're standing by at



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